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Check out Glendale Awning Services lastes projects and new updates. We are number one provider of all types of awnings and canopies in New York City. Installing beautiful Awnings since 1932. Call us for your free estimate at 212-422-5440. Thank you for visiting our website!

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 11 2014 01:34AM

Our company glendale awning service installed this beautiful canopy for building in brooklyn, ny. This canopy was arch style with waterproof fabric which will hold New York Citys wintery weather. Glendale Awning Service works with many property management, contractors, and engineers to get these awning projects installed. We are here to provide a great awning and canopy product with superior craftsmanship.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 9 2014 11:50PM

The guy next door, your cousin Sal or even dear old Dad may mean well when they give you advice on running your business, but it’s not always a good idea to listen to them. Take fabric awnings, for instance. Awnings can do wonders for any type of business, but you don’t want to make any decisions based on someone else’s misconceptions.

We’ve heard some significantly bad advice about fabric awnings over the years. Some of it is just plain silly, and some of it is short-sighted, but it’s all wrong. Here are a few examples:

Fabric awnings look nice, but they aren’t worth the investment.

Even if the name of your business is Plain Jane, awnings can dress up your exterior. But awnings can do so much more than improve your outward appearance. They can:

Identify your business, by displaying your name.

Promote your business, by giving people an idea what you do or sell.

Provide shade for your windows, to protect merchandise inside and reduce air conditioning costs.

Shelter pedestrians from rain and snow.

Create more usable space outdoors, for things like expanding seating for food and beverage service.

Fabric awnings are a poor choice for the New York area.

There’s no question that weather in and around New York City can be perverse – nasty cold and snowy in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. But that doesn’t mean fabric awnings aren’t right for your business. Today’s fabrics are amazingly resilient and durable. They’re specially-engineered synthetics created expressly for outdoor awnings.

So while there are certain circumstances in which all-metal canopies are preferable, fabric awnings offer a multitude of options that can withstand a broad spectrum of weather conditions and look good doing it for years.

Fabric awnings are a lot of work to maintain.

Modern awning fabrics aren’t just engineered for toughness, they’re designed to resist a long list of potential problems, including mold and mildew. A simple cleaning regimen will ensure grime, debris and moisture don’t accumulate, and those are the things that can cause fabric awnings to deteriorate or become stained. Periodic cleaning also ensures your fabric awnings look professional and inviting, too.

You don’t need to buy that expensive name-brand fabric.

Of course you want to get the best possible price. And for some things, the least expensive product works fine. But not so much with fabric awnings. So if someone says to you, “I know a discounter…” don’t pay any attention. Awnings are an important investment in your business success. The longer they last – trouble-free and looking good – the better the return on your investment.

With fabric awnings, you get what you pay for. Lesser quality fabric may cost less up front, but it will cost you more in the long run. And top quality fabrics come with quality warranties.

Retractable fabric awnings can be a hassle.

Perhaps when you were little you watched your Grandpa cranking his store’s awning open and closed every day. It looked like a lot of work. But those days are gone, because the hand crank is purely optional these days. Retractable fabric awnings can be operated with an electronic remote control. In fact you can get automatic controls that operate on a timer with pre-set scheduling, or controls that have sensors for rain or wind.

Custom-designed fabrics awnings are really expensive.

They are not. One of the many advantages of fabric awnings is that you can design them to be the size, shape and style you want, so they reflect your business and no one else’s. Awnings give your place a unique look, and they show off your personality. They can be surprisingly budget-friendly.

How do you know if the advice you’re hearing about fabric awnings is valid? That’s easy. Just give a call to your local full-service awning company like us at Glendale Awning Services 212-422-5440 for your next fabric awnings for a business.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 7 2014 02:59PM

One Stop Shopping for Commercial & Residential Aluminum Awnings from Glendale Awning Services

Aluminum Awnings New York:

Stepdown Awnings Made From Prefinished Aluminum in Various Colors. For Covering Exterior Doors, Windows, Docks, Carports and Storefronts.

Stepdown Awning Sheets

Durable all aluminum patio cover creates new shelter for your family protection, family car and business! Make an emphasis on style with a cover that keynotes your architectural scheme. Smart horizontal lines convey the contemporary mood, with a choice of decorator colors and a variety of trims!

The perfect patio cover will deflect the sun, save energy, reduce air conditioning costs, provide wonderful shade, shelter weather and keep out the wind and cold. Add months to your outdoor pleasure while adding a new distinction to your home or business.

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An attractive, protective door canopy will be a welcome addition to your home. Your porch, entrance or storefront will be protected from rain, sleet or snow. Your guests will always have shelter as they enter and leave. Door canopies help to eliminate messy floors and dirty carpets by keeping rain and slush from the entrance. Your door and woodwork will also be fully protected from the weather.

Awnings New York - An Energy Saving Bonus

Did you know that properly placed aluminum awnings can reduce the summer temperature in a room by as much as 8 to 15 degrees? Tests by The National Bureau of Standards and The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers have clearly demonstrated the value of window awnings as a viable energy saving resource for most homeowners.

One test by The Bureau of Standards demonstrated how awnings on two windows of a four hundred square foot room cut the air conditioning requirements from a large one horsepower 200 volt unit to a 3/4 horsepower 100 volt unit; with resultant savings on the purchase price of the air conditioner, the wiring, and overall operating costs. In addition, the same researchers found that aluminum awnings provide an energy saving bonus in winter time as well, by cutting drafts and thereby reducing fuel usage.

Fashion and Color

A variety of styles, a rainbow of coordinate your own colorful Aluminum Awnings. They will make the most beautiful additions for your home... improving both its appearance and value!

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 6 2014 01:45PM

If you’ve ever been in any doubt about whether a commercial awning really can transform your business, try this little experiment. Stand some distance from your place of business – a block away, across the parking lot or the equivalent – and look at your exterior. Mentally remove your awning(s). Now how does your place look? How does it compare to your neighbors?

Can you even see it well, or does your business recede into visual oblivion without its commercial awning?

This exercise should demonstrate to you the fact that simply having a commercial awning can give your business a tremendous boost. It ensures you can visually compete with neighboring businesses. But the right commercial awning can entirely transform your place. And we’re not just talking about a beauty makeover. A commercial awning can do so much for your business that it can actually help transform your bottom line, too.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of your commercial awning as a business tool.

If so, you could be missing out on some valuable benefits. A commercial awning can help you achieve a variety of practical and marketing goals, including:

More visibility – introducing or reinforcing your brand to build greater name familiarity. Better visibility also makes your business and entrances easier to find.

Promotion of your products or services, to inform and intrigue more potential customers.

An upgraded, professional look that enhances your reputation for quality. That builds trust and confidence among potential customers or clients or patients.

Improving the overall customer experience your business provides, and that’s one of today’s driving forces for business success and growth. When your business looks inviting and customers feel comfortable, they’ll come more often, stay longer and buy more.

A commercial awning not only expands your business marketing, it supports marketing continuity by giving your exterior a look that’s consistent with your other advertising and promotions – your logo, the colors you use, etc.

That increases if you have more than one commercial awning for your place of business, and it increases exponentially if your business includes multiple buildings on a single site or multiple locations around NYC in the surrounding communities.

Transformation is more than visual.

A commercial awning can help you turn unused outdoor space into a revenue-generating area for food and beverage service, additional sales floor, etc. It can help you save money, by cooling your interior without extra air conditioning and by protecting merchandise and furnishings from the sun’s UV rays.

It can help your business spruce up the community, so you can be a good neighbor whether you’re a tiny shop frequented entirely by neighbors or a major financial or medical institution that draws from miles around.

Have you purchased a franchise business? Or have you undergone a merger or acquisition? These are instances in which transformation is required – and quickly – to introduce your customers and prospects to your new brand and look. A commercial awning announces your changes in a great-looking, can’t-miss way.

A commercial awning can transform your business from bland and uninviting to something truly exceptional.

If you performed our little experiment mentioned at the beginning, you may have had some difficulty picturing your business without an awning. If your business doesn’t even have an awning yet, you could easily see how “reduced” it looks without one. But, again, you may not be able to create a clear mental picture of what a commercial awning would look like. Many of us aren’t good at this sort of visualization.

Fortunately, a full-service commercial awning company not only has talented graphic design experts who can help you create a new awning, they can also produce full color photo renderings that show what any awning design would look like on your building. You don’t have to imagine anything, you can plainly see exactly how your business would be transformed.

Glendale Awning Services has been installing beautiful awnings and canopies since 1932. Call us for your next free estimate!!

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 6 2014 01:40PM

Sometimes it’s obvious you need to redesign your storefront awning. But sometimes the signs aren’t so obvious, or they’re a little easier to ignore. So take a look at your place from your customer’s point of view. Because if your awning isn’t doing a bang-up marketing job, it isn’t helping grow your business.

Do any of these signs point to you?

New concept.

Your little lunchtime eatery has blossomed, and you’re adding take-out and catering. Or your tried-and-true “steak and suds” format has become embarrassingly outdated, so you’re introducing a new trendy menu and industrial chic interior. The old awning just doesn’t work any more. You need a new storefront awning that reflects the new you.

Corporate merger or acquisition.

Your business hasn’t changed, really, but it’s no longer business as usual from an identity standpoint. It’s essential to create a new storefront awning that accurately depicts this newly-acquired name and look.

Often, changes such as this are accompanied by a great sense of urgency if you’re in certain industries – not just for practical reasons, but to comply with corporate or government regulations. You don’t just need a new storefront awning, you need it fast.

New location.

You’ve moved. Changes are slim that your old storefront awning will fit your new space, so it’s time for a redesign that matches your new exterior as well as your business.


There’s nothing better than a business that’s growing. But if you’ve acquired the space next door and that extends your street frontage, you’ll need a redesigned storefront awning that shows off your growth and identifies the entirety of your newly extended exterior. Besides, you want to be sure all your windows are properly shaded by your awnings, to protect whatever’s on the inside from heat and the sun’s UV rays that can damage furnishings and merchandise.

Or perhaps this is the year you’re finally expanding outward, putting your sidewalk or patio to use for additional food and beverage seating. Your patrons will be thrilled, but they’ll be a lot happier if you cover that space with an awning that shades them from the sun. Your redesigned awning will promote your new outdoor seating to potential customers, too.

New ownership.

If you just purchased a business that carries the name of the former owner, you definitely need a new storefront awning that puts you in your rightful place.

Or maybe the business you purchased has been less than successful for whatever reason. You need more than a sign that says “under new management” to attract renewed customer interest, you need a new look, maybe even a new name, certainly a new storefront awning that pulls it all together with a fresh visual identity.

Nothing is new about your business, including your storefront awning.

It could be you’re simply becoming bored, because your current awning has been in place so long. If that’s the case, consider the fact that your prospective customers may have become bored, too – so used to seeing the same old awning they don’t even notice it or your business any more.

Worse, if your storefront awning is so old it’s starting to look past its prime, it’s speaking volumes – negative ones – about your place. It’s time to get rid of it and start over.

You saw something different you really love.

Good for you, for keeping your eyes – and your mind – open. Today’s storefront awning designs are more varied and versatile than ever, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? Especially if you have a cutting-edge business.

For some applications, you might consider retractable awnings. A retractable addition can be a valuable and cost-effective alternative, if your goal is to seasonally expand an existing storefront awning.

If one of these signs points to you, don’t ignore it. A storefront awning can help build your business, but only if it’s the right awning.

Call Glendale Awning Services for all your awning needs at 212-422-5440.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jun 24 2014 08:23PM

Need to get protected by harmfull suns ray. This cost effected Step-Down Aluminum Awning will protect you from Suns Ray and the winter. Step-Down Aluminum awnings are good for entrance door, patio, deck and for apperance of your house. Glendale Awning Services has been installing beautiful aluminum awnings for a decade. Need a aluminum awning call us and its done. Visit us on our website

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