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Check out Glendale Awning Services lastes projects and new updates. We are number one provider of all types of awnings and canopies in New York City. Installing beautiful Awnings since 1932. Call us for your free estimate at 212-422-5440. Thank you for visiting our website!

By Glendale Awning Services, Dec 21 2016 02:35PM

Winter Vestibule Enclosures are great ways to keep customers warm in harsh cold windy weather. These units are good investment for your entrance and will bring more customers to your place. We service New York City & Englewood New Jersey

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 14 2014 10:19PM

Logo red canvas awnings for Cartier Jewelers in 5th Ave NEW YORK CITY
Logo red canvas awnings for Cartier Jewelers in 5th Ave NEW YORK CITY

This is far one of the best awning project we have ever completed by Glendale Awning Services. This project was very unique and awesome. The whole building was made to look like Gift Wraps. This was done for Cartier Jewelers located on 5th Ave in New York City.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 14 2014 08:53PM

Custom Stationary Awning for retail store.
Custom Stationary Awning for retail store.

A new awning is a business detail that can have enormous impact. Probably more impact than any other single physical change you could make to your place of business, at least on the exterior. And that’s equally true for any type of office, not just hotels and restaurants and retail stores. New awning trends and options make finding what you want easier and more fun than ever, too.

There’s no need to wait till your existing awning is tired and you’re tired of looking at it. A new awning can breathe new life into your business, perking up interest from long-time clients as well as passersby. And a new look can give your own attitude a lift -- every day when you approach your office.

Here are a few new awning trends that might get your creative juices flowing.

Making the most of outdoor space.

The hottest new awning trend among homeowners continues to be creating more outdoor living space. Why not do the same for your office? If you’re lucky enough to have a courtyard or balcony, you could create an outdoor work space or client meeting room – comfortable enough for a consultation or catching some fresh air while working on your laptop or sitting through an endless conference call.

Your new awning could be a simple umbrella over a chair or work table. Or a retractable awning that covers a larger space. Retractables are wonderfully versatile, and you can close them up when you don’t need them. You can even get remote control to operate them.

No more working in a fishbowl.

Now there’s a trend any office-dweller can appreciate. If your desk is just inside a street-level window, as in many storefront offices, salons, professional practices, etc., you face an ugly choice every day: either you feel like pedestrians are looking over your shoulder, or you have to close your curtains or blinds and eliminate your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of natural light.

Forget that. One-way mesh roller blinds are the latest “new awning” for your windows. They provide cooling and privacy on the inside, yet you also get filtered light. And – you’ll love this – you can print the outward-facing side with your logo or any promotional artwork or message you want.

Subtle colors.

Popular new awning colors for homes are those that match or blend subtly with exterior colors, so the awning appears to be a seamless extension of the building. If you have a tiny storefront, a matching color could make your business exterior appear larger. On the other hand, you might want to go the other direction and choose a contrasting color that makes your office stand out more from your neighbors.

Interesting shapes.

Typically, it’s the top and sides of an awning we think about when we consider color and design. The framing assures assure strength and durability for your new awning, but it’s usually not much of a visual consideration. One new trend for larger awnings flips that point of view, with creative criss-cross or other structural variations that form interesting patterns when viewed from below. Make the most of this trend with lighter color fabric, so the under-structure appears backlit.

Consider curvy shapes, if you’re looking for a new awning that really says “new.” Not just the popular arched or domed or quarter-round canopies we’re used to seeing, but wavy configurations that can give even the sturdiest awning a softer, almost fluttery appearance. Perfect if your office is located at the beach, fun for the middle of NYC, too.

What’s right for your office depends on many factors other than what’s trendy, especially when you remember that your new awning will probably be in place for several years. Talk to your local awning professional to get the best advice on what new looks are most appropriate for your business.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 8 2014 08:36PM

Our long time client Worksman manufacture of bicycles, food carts, hot dog stands and many more. Had us made these beautiful 3 awnings for 3 carts that will be used on carribbean. Glendale Awning Service was very proud to these beautiful logo red fabric awnings for them. Our company is awning provider for their business.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 6 2014 01:40PM

Sometimes it’s obvious you need to redesign your storefront awning. But sometimes the signs aren’t so obvious, or they’re a little easier to ignore. So take a look at your place from your customer’s point of view. Because if your awning isn’t doing a bang-up marketing job, it isn’t helping grow your business.

Do any of these signs point to you?

New concept.

Your little lunchtime eatery has blossomed, and you’re adding take-out and catering. Or your tried-and-true “steak and suds” format has become embarrassingly outdated, so you’re introducing a new trendy menu and industrial chic interior. The old awning just doesn’t work any more. You need a new storefront awning that reflects the new you.

Corporate merger or acquisition.

Your business hasn’t changed, really, but it’s no longer business as usual from an identity standpoint. It’s essential to create a new storefront awning that accurately depicts this newly-acquired name and look.

Often, changes such as this are accompanied by a great sense of urgency if you’re in certain industries – not just for practical reasons, but to comply with corporate or government regulations. You don’t just need a new storefront awning, you need it fast.

New location.

You’ve moved. Changes are slim that your old storefront awning will fit your new space, so it’s time for a redesign that matches your new exterior as well as your business.


There’s nothing better than a business that’s growing. But if you’ve acquired the space next door and that extends your street frontage, you’ll need a redesigned storefront awning that shows off your growth and identifies the entirety of your newly extended exterior. Besides, you want to be sure all your windows are properly shaded by your awnings, to protect whatever’s on the inside from heat and the sun’s UV rays that can damage furnishings and merchandise.

Or perhaps this is the year you’re finally expanding outward, putting your sidewalk or patio to use for additional food and beverage seating. Your patrons will be thrilled, but they’ll be a lot happier if you cover that space with an awning that shades them from the sun. Your redesigned awning will promote your new outdoor seating to potential customers, too.

New ownership.

If you just purchased a business that carries the name of the former owner, you definitely need a new storefront awning that puts you in your rightful place.

Or maybe the business you purchased has been less than successful for whatever reason. You need more than a sign that says “under new management” to attract renewed customer interest, you need a new look, maybe even a new name, certainly a new storefront awning that pulls it all together with a fresh visual identity.

Nothing is new about your business, including your storefront awning.

It could be you’re simply becoming bored, because your current awning has been in place so long. If that’s the case, consider the fact that your prospective customers may have become bored, too – so used to seeing the same old awning they don’t even notice it or your business any more.

Worse, if your storefront awning is so old it’s starting to look past its prime, it’s speaking volumes – negative ones – about your place. It’s time to get rid of it and start over.

You saw something different you really love.

Good for you, for keeping your eyes – and your mind – open. Today’s storefront awning designs are more varied and versatile than ever, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? Especially if you have a cutting-edge business.

For some applications, you might consider retractable awnings. A retractable addition can be a valuable and cost-effective alternative, if your goal is to seasonally expand an existing storefront awning.

If one of these signs points to you, don’t ignore it. A storefront awning can help build your business, but only if it’s the right awning.

Call Glendale Awning Services for all your awning needs at 212-422-5440.

By Glendale Awning Services, Jul 6 2014 01:36PM

Whether it is a commercial or residential space, you will be benefited in a number of ways by using awnings. It is an excellent addition anywhere.

In commercial space, awnings help by:

Creating an outdoor area in restaurants for dining to protect patrons from rain and heat

Covering merchandises on display in shop windows to avoid them from sun damage, which allows you to lower your cooling cost down

Advertising your company name on the canvases with professionalism and style

Adding charm to your store/restaurant/business space that will be appreciated by your clienteles and employees

In residential space, awnings help by:

Improving the beauty and comfort of your home

Adding value to your home by becoming a part of your doors and windows

Creating covered patio areas perfect for helping guests to relax and enjoy

Creating a space, where you can get protection from sun and rain

At Glendale Awning Services, we are into manufacturing, supplying and installing all types of awning products to residential and commercial space. Our experienced executives will be able to provide you with any service, which will suit your needs and tastes completely. We believe in listening to your needs and tailoring a solution according to those requirements.

Apart from installing awnings, we also provide you with recovering, servicing, altering, maintaining and repairing most awnings. For us, there is no job, which too large, small or complicated.

Please give a call today for arranging your free quotation. Alternatively, we have an online quote form, which you can fill up for receiving estimation to the earliest.

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